FPP Member Resources

FPP Member Resources


June 2019

"A 'Peer' Over the Fence"

Slides Recording
April 2019

"Avoiding the PayDay Loan Debt Trap"

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March 2019

"The Need for Financial Simplicity"

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February 2019 Statewide Financial Inclusion/Asset Building/Bank On/Prosperity Campaign – Q1 Virtual Convening
"Impact Stories, Next Steps and a Commitment to Action"
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February 2019 FPP Third Annual Online Conference
"Meeting LMI Floridians Where They Are . . ."
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November 2018 "Understanding ABLE Accounts and How They May Benefit Those You Serve" Slides Recording
October 2018 "Serving Your Clients with WRAP® for Finances" Slides Recording
September 2018 "Conscious Empathy, Education and Breaking Poverty Cycles" Slides Recording
August 2018 "Using Data and Mapping for VITA Planning" Slides Recording
July 2018 "Helping You and Your Clients Avoid Identity Theft" Slides Recording
June 2018 "How to Assist Students in Evaluating Financial Aid Award Letters" Slides Recording
May 2018 "Collective Impact-Riding the Waves of Why" Slides Recording
April 2018 "Bitcoin Buzz: Sperarating Fact From Fantasy About Virtual Currencies and The Tech Behind Them" Slides Recording
March 2018 "Promising Practices: Serving the Needs of Clients With Low Literacy, With FL TON is available" Slides Recording
February 2018 "What Does Florida's 42 Nationwide Prosperity NOW Scorecard Ranking Mean" Slides Recording
 January 2018

FPP Second Annual Online Conference
“Emergency Preparedness: Being Ready When the Financial Wave Crashes”

Slides Recording
 December 2017  "The Devastation of Puerto Rico - History Rewritten, and Financial Literacy's Success Story" Slides Recording
 November 2017  "Florida KIDS COUNT: A Data Review, Conversation and Action" Slides Recording
 October 2017  "Outsmart the Scammers!" Slides
Fraud Awareness Credit Card
Fraud Awareness Collection Scams
Fraud Awareness Overpayment 
Protecting Your Personal Information 
Fraud Awareness Grandparent Scams
September 2017  "Reviewing the Opportunity Index, Featuring Opportunity Nation - September 2017" Slides Recording
September 2017  "Irma Recovery in Florida: Assessment, Information, and Collaboration" Slides
Survey Summary
Survey Detail
August 2017 "Financial Apps as Tools for Client and Student Success" Slides Recording
July 2017 "Rock On With Bank On" Slides Recording

Other 2018 FPP Presentations 

Bank On Immokalee April 30, 2018