FPP Online Conference

FPP Online Conference 

Florida Prosperity Partnership offers an annual Online Conference in the first quarter of the calendar year. A central theme is selected, relevant to Florida Financial Capability practitioners to remain on the leading edge of serving others.

A lineup of Guest Experts representing a broad variety of influential organizations share their insights and knowledge so FPP’s members and partners may learn. This half-day event is fast-paced, and full of content served up in a virtual setting.

Registration is free and open for all learners as part of the service FPP provides to its membership. Registration typically opens in the third or fourth quarter of the calendar year, and is found on the Upcoming Events page.

Support by organizations is appreciated so valuable learning of this magnitude and modality can continue to be offered in this low investment/high return format. Please contact Bill Mills at Bill@FloridaProsperityPartnership.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities for the next upcoming Online Conference.

This fast-paced virtual conference combines the best of TED Talks and the Pecha Kucha style of knowledge-sharing and inspiration! 

This rapid-fire session offers you, the learner, an unparalleled opportunity to focus on a broad variety of topics critical to your work as a Financial Capability practitioner, all in a brief amount of time, in a place most convenient for you—where you are. 

And meeting you where you are with learning reinforces the theme of this year’s online conference—“Meeting LMI Floridians Where They Are,” leveraging FPP’s Nine Platforms for Prosperity.  Participants will learn from eight (8) different Guest Experts as they share their inspirational examples of how their work is meeting and serving Floridians in need of support and guidance where they are, in their own communities.   

Recording Slides

Where We Learn
"You Must Understand You Matter to Own Your Moment"
Mo Corker, Comerica Bank

Where We Live
"Backyard Banking"
Porsha Porter, Operation Hope, Inc.

Where We Work
"Preparing for the Future of Work in the 4th Industrial Economy"
Daniel Williams, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Where We Bank
"The Power of Being Banked"
Janet Hamer, Hamer Consulting

Where We Start Businesses
“Developing the Future Leaders of the Coming Economic Age”
David Daly, Operation Hope, Inc.

Where We Get Healthy
“Innovations in Health and Wealth”
Devin Thompson, LISC Jacksonville

Where We Receive Social Services
“Bringing Disruptive Innovation to Feeding Those in Need”
Pastor Scott George, Feeding Children Everywhere

Where We Are Entertained
“Learning Must Be Boring!”
Bill Mills, Florida Prosperity Partnership

Friday, January 26, 2018 Slides Recording
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon eastern
Host/Moderator: Barry Altland

Guest Expert #1 - Ricky Hamilton

Federal Programs Office, Family Engagement Coordinator, Monroe County School District


Session Title: “All I Have Left Is This Pink Backpack”

Session Description: Ricky Hamilton, the Family Engagement Coordinator in the Federal Programs Office of the Monroe County School District, which includes all of the Florida Keys and Key West, knows firsthand what it is like to experience a natural disaster. As one of the education professionals who serves the needs of students and their families in Key West and beyond, Ricky has lived a tale that deserves to be shared with all those across the state who serve the needs of others . . . before tragedy, and after tragedy befalls.

What the residents of the Florida Keys experienced is a cautionary tale for all of us, no matter where we live. Be prepared.

Slides 10 – 21 Recording Time Frame 8:08 – 29:31

Guest Expert #2 – Adam Carroll

Author, Thought Leader, Mastery of Money


Session Title: “The Golden Nugget”

Session Description: Adam Carroll, thought leader with Mastery of Money, knows that during the course of the FPP Online Conference, participants will hear from many Guest Experts. In his session, he will reveal the power of looking for just one nugget of wisdom from each Guest Expert to apply in their daily interactions with clients. By focusing on The Golden Nuggets a participant gathers, practitioners gain the best of the best of a cadre of talented Experts on Financial Preparedness.

Slides 22 – 35  Recording Time Frame 29:31 – 45:05

Guest Expert #3 – Lesli Remaly-Netter

Senior Voluntary Agency Liaison/Mass Care and Emergency Assistance, FEMA R4 Recovery Division


Session Title: “Irma Recovery Initiatives - Four Months Later”

Session Description: Lesli Remaly-Netter, Senior Voluntary Agency Liaison/ Mass Care and Emergency Assistance for the FEMA R4 Recovery Division, guides communities across the State as they work together to develop recovery plans for those families and individuals with disaster-caused, unmet needs. This session will provide updates on those activities, and how your organization might support those local recovery efforts.

Slides 36 - 54 Recording Time Frame 45:05 – 1:07:28

Guest Expert #4 – Carlos Castillo

Regional Disaster Officer, South Florida Region, American Red Cross


Session Title: “Are You Ready for the Threat of a Catastrophic Hurricane?”

Session Description: Carlos Castillo, CEM, Regional Disaster Officer for the South Florida Region of American Red Cross, notes that the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was one of the busiest in recent times, and 2017 was the costliest year for disasters ever. His session will describe how the Red Cross ensured its readiness for an expected strike from a catastrophic hurricane, and will present steps to take to ensure your clients and their families are prepared by using a simple three-step process.

Slides 55 - 98 Recording Time Frame 1:07:28 – 1:33:36

Guest Expert #5 – April Atkins

Community Affairs Specialist, North and Central Florida, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)


Session Title: “FDIC’s Money Smart as a Tool for Emergency Preparedness”

Session Description: April A. Atkins, Community Affairs Specialist for North and Central Florida for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), will discuss their free financial education curricula, Money Smart, and materials directly related to disaster preparedness and disaster recovery.

Slides 100 – 128 Recording Time Frame 1:37:14 – 1:55:09

Guest Expert #6 – Kevin Smith

Director of Emergency Disaster Services, Florida Division, The Salvation Army


Session Title: “Individual Preparedness and Home Inventories”

Session Description: Kevin Smith, a Certified Emergency Manager, has served as the Director of Emergency Disaster Services for the Florida Division of The Salvation Army since 2000.  He began working in emergency management with The Salvation Army in 1996. Kevin will share insights on individual preparedness and tools to keep inventories in the home before disaster.  He will also highlight how to help those that are affected walk through the FEMA process.   Kevin’s desired outcome is to have FPP members be a force multiplier in spreading the word with those they counsel and assist. 

Slides 129 – 141 Recording Time Frame 1:55:09 – 2:25:44

Guest Expert #7 – Juli Lewis

Director of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, FPP Board Member


Session Title: “Who Comes First? Assisting Others While Preparing for an Emergency Yourself”

Session Description: Juli Lewis, FPP Board Member and Director of the Southeastern Credit Union Foundation, shares her firsthand experience from events of 2017 as she addresses the topic of being ready to assist others while also preparing for an emergency yourself. Who comes first? Are the steps and the priorities the same?

Slides 142 – 158 Recording Time Frame 2:25:44 – 2:48:43

Guest Expert #8 – Janet Hamer

Vice President and Community Development Manager, North and Central Florida, TD Bank


Session Title: "Building Financial Resiliency:  The Case for Pre-Disaster Planning"

Session Description: Janet Hamer, FPP Board Member Emeritus and Vice President and Community Development Manager of North and Central Florida with TD Bank, knows first-hand a major disaster is difficult for anyone to overcome, but for unprepared LMI families it can mean financial disaster that can have lifetime implications.  Learners will explore pre-disaster planning strategies and potential partnership opportunities.

Slides 159 - 167 Recording Time Frame 2:48:43 – 3:01:28

2017 FPP Online Conference - "Small Dollar Loans"