Who is Florida Prosperity Partnership? What is its Purpose?

The Florida Prosperity Partnership, a 501(c)3 organization often referred to as FPP, exists to promote financial stability and economic prosperity for all Floridians.


What does Florida Prosperity Partnership strive to deliver?

The Vision of FPP is to achieve economic security for all Floridians.

How does Florida Prosperity Partnership work?

The Mission of FPP is providing pathways to economic security through a statewide coalition of organizations.

In what roles does the Florida Prosperity Partnership serve to fulfill its Purpose, Vision and Mission?

The Catalyst—FPP stimulates community involvement by providing member agencies with the knowledge, services and resources that help them engage with and educate local leaders.

The Advocate—FPP influences change in public policy while supporting member agencies as they facilitate access to local constituents.

The Educator—FPP identifies, models and provides learning programs for member agencies that strengthen financial capability education for youth and adults.

The Convener—FPP inspires collaboration among business, government, education and investor constituencies who collectively must be part of the integrated solution.

The Leader—FPP leads and inspires with a talented Board, Staff, Operations and diverse member agencies that drive the statewide prosperity movement.

The Partner—FPP actively partners with member agencies, giving them a bigger, more influential voice and increasing their capacity to impact their local communities so they may reach people where they Live, Learn, Work, Bank, Start Businesses, Get Healthy, Receive Social Services, Worship and Are Entertained.

What are "pathways to economic security?"

Some Floridians experience disruption along their financial pathway—unemployment, health issues, a host of challenges—that lead to Crisis mode.

Moving from economic Crisis to Stability includes a balance between assets, income and expenses. Economic Security is a state of well-being achieved when financial worries begin to subside and savings for emergencies or the future begin to accumulate.

Economic Prosperity can also be part of the financial equation as Floridians thrive and entertain their dreams and desires.

What are the Strategic Focus Areas of Florida Prosperity Partnership?

Objective A) Influencing Change in Financial Behaviors and Decision-Making

Objective B) Promoting Generational Roles in Achieving Financial Stability

Objective C) Optimizing Community-Based Initiatives and Relationship-Based Products and Services

Objective D) Building Capacity for Members, Partners and Non-Profits

Want to connect with Florida Prosperity Partnership? Learn more? Partner? Explore ways to collaborate to the benefit of all Floridians?

e-Mail FPP@FloridaProsperityPartnership.org to continue the conversation!

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